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July 23, 2006

CLUI releases "Lay of the Land" newsletter

The Winter / Spring 2006 edition of the "Lay of the Land" newsletter is now availble in print and online. (A minumum donation of $25 keeps you on the print mailing list)
Contents include:
- VACATION: DAUPHIN ISLAND On Display at CLUI Los Angeles - LANDSCAPE INFORMATION CENTER PROGRAM Changes public face of the CLUI - CLUI KIOSK ON VIEW IN NEW YORK CITY Whitney museum providing space through May 2006 - THE HENRY FORD EXPERIENCE A vertically integrated interpretive assembly line - DIXIE MALL R.I.P.? The "Best Dead Mall in America" is coming down - THE LANDSCAPE OF CORN And when Not A Cornfield is a cornfield - LOS ANGELES GROUND ZERO A study of east coast vs west coast - SEEKING PERSPECTIVE A visit to the Getty Villa - CITY INSIGHT: ST. LOUIS Spanning the middle of America - CEMENTLAND A landscape of possibility - REPORT FROM NEW ORLEANS November 5, 2005 - two months after Katrina - FEMA TRAILERS Giving a new meaning to re-creational vehicles - LIFE ON THE LINE AT DERBY LINE, VERMONT Part of the ongoing CLUI investigation into the borderlands of the USA - STATE IN FOCUS: ALABAMA The CLUI falls into the deep south in 2005 - UNUSUAL REAL ESTATE LISTING # 6384 Johnston Island

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