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July 22, 2006

Carnivore -- new Version 2.2 now available

From -> alex galloway
Carnivore -- new Version 2.2 now available new features include the ability to log packets to a text file and the ability to record and playback capture sessions. questions/comments/suggestions always welcome.. + + + Version 2.2, July 2006 + moved java class files around so that there is a "core" engine responsible for all ... [more]

Carnivore is a surveillance tool for data networks. At the heart of the project is CarnivorePE, a software application that listens to all Internet traffic (email, web surfing, etc.) on a specific local network. Next, CarnivorePE serves this data stream to interfaces called "clients." These clients are designed to animate, diagnose, or interpret the network traffic in various ways. Use CarnivorePE to run Carnivore clients from your own desktop, or use it to make your own clients.

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