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March 31, 2008

Granny Peace Brigade

Member of Granny Peace Brigade in DC on March 19, 2008 holding up knitted amputee cozie for a 20-year-old Iraq veteran getting surgery in Walter Reed.

Here is the Knit-In we went to in DC. You can see video of the Granny Peace Brigade on youtube below. Not sure who uploaded this... but I just discovered I'm knitting with my Stitch for Senate armband behind the awesome granny who is being interviewed about 1/3rd of the way through. I was asked to be interviewed and I said "I'm not a Granny though, I'm an Auntie [for Peace]..." Anyway, I first learned about them from a totally inspiring inteview with a 91-year-old member of the group on Democracy Now, and you can see more about current actions on their website. There also has some footage of IVAW at the end which I will do a separate post about.

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5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Knitted Stitch for Senate armband for DC.

My chum Zulma wearing the helmet sample. She helped document the Knit-In organized by Granny Peace Brigade.

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26% of Helmets for Senators


I have decided to blog documentation of the Stitch for Senate project as it progresses. Occassionally I get an email me asking if we still need knitters and I always answer YES! It will be finished when we have one hundred helmets. I am hoping this will keep people posted on the current aspects of the project, though I must forewarn I will be in South America from April 13-May 4, researching radical and artisan craft practices in Argentina and Peru. However, the Stitch for Senate PO Box will still accept mail and I will check email as much as possible to answer any questions. This blog will also document related wartime creative resistance, as well as things I collect about the history of wartime knitting. Above is a recent picture of the stack of helmets. After being labeled, the helmets are stored safely in a fiber box in my studio. Thanks to all who have participated.

Helmets have been made for (or currently in the making) these Senators:
Senator Salazar, Ken
Senator Stabenow, Debbie
Senator Wyden, Ron
Senator Salazar, Ken
Senator Leahy, Patrick J.
Senator Stevens, Ted
Senator Coleman, Norm
Senator Allard, Wayne
Senator Bingaman, Jeff
Senator Burr, Richard
Senator Bayh, Evan
Senator Feingold, Russell D.
Senator Casey, Robert P., Jr.
Senator Lincoln, Blanche L.
Senator Boxer, Barbara
Senator Reid, Harry
Senator Cantwell, Maria
Senator Specter, Arlen
Senator Klobuchar, Amy
Senator Obama, Barack
Senator Kennedy, Edward M.
Senator Feinstein, Dianne

Also see the knitter Testimonies

As well as these Senators (knitter testimonies are pending)
Senator Akaka
Senator Biden
Senator Carper
Senator Clinton

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