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January 18, 2011

DANCING FOR DARA: In Boston January 27


Thursday 27 January 2011
8pm @ Spectacle
17 Edinboro Street #3, Chinatown, Boston

DANCING FOR DARA: a multi-city fund-raising screening for Dara Greenwald

Video Data Bank of Chicago has assembled a 75-minute video program composed of work by internationally recognized artists who have donated their work to raise money for Dara Greenwald, an artist and activist who is currently battling cancer. Please find detailed information on Dara below.

$5-15 suggested donation
All proceeds will go directly to Dara and her partner Josh.


Pink Bloque
Dancing in the Street (excerpts) (Domestic Violence Awareness Month Rally October 2003)

Ben Coonley
One Trick Pony, 2002

Tara Matiek
Operation Invert, 2003

Caspar Stracke & Gabriela Monroy
Kuleshov Sukiyaki, 2004

Melinda Stone & Igor Vamos
Suggested Photo Spots, 1997

Jim Finn
Sharambaba, 1999

Jem Cohen
Little Flags, 2000

Paul Chan
Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and Her Conviction, The Law and Poetry, 2006

Dara Greenwald with Ona Mirkinson
The Package, 2010

Dara Greenwald is a 39-year old artist, activist, and curator living in Brooklyn who believes that art and other forms of expression can be a means toward a more equitable society. Through this work, she has met and befriended hundreds of people working in the creative and activist communities over the years, and is an important touchstone for many of them.

Dara’s recent projects include “Spectres of Liberty,” an ongoing public art project about the history of the movement to abolish slavery in the United States and a curatorial project, “Signs of Change,” which displayed historic posters and video that related a history of social movements as experienced through visual culture and is now a book on AK Press.

Dara’s large community has coalesced around her and her partner, Josh, to help them get through this very difficult time. We are providing care for her including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and company. We are raising money so that she can pay her daily living expenses, medical expenses not covered by her insurance, and so that Josh can take some time off of work to be her full-time caretaker. The enthusiasm and dedication of her community is a testament to her generous spirit, her sense of humor, and how important she is to us as a friend, organizer, and fellow-artist.

In June, Dara was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. When she was diagnosed, Dara was getting ready to complete her final year as a PhD student at Renssaleer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY.

Luckily, Dara has health insurance through RPI, but she will be unable to work for almost a year while she undergoes and recovers from multiple surgeries (three so far and one more scheduled) as well as several rounds of chemotherapy.

microRevolt interviewed Dara in May 2009. Come out and support! See you there.

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