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March 27, 2009

Ladies Sasquatch: Allyson Mitchell

Unforgettable work by Allyson Mitchell. Her solo show Ladies Sasquatch at McMaster Museum of Art is on view from January 29 - March 28, 2009. The Ladies Sasquatch are brilliantly placed on a five-pronged stage that allows the viewer to enter their inner circle and gather around the fire. The Ladies have open mouths with a full set of teeth, rare faux-fur, split toe nails... It is an absolutely monumental and unique work. To get an idea -- a mass of 3+ human heads is probably equal to one Sasquatch cranium. See more about Allyson Mitchell on her website and if you are anywhere near Toronto do not miss this show.




Photos by: Cat O'Neil

Posted by cat at 07:56 PM