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July 13, 2008

Using the Knitting Machine
to Make Headway on Helmets



One-hundred-and-fourteen-days until Election Day! I have started to machine-knit to expedite Stitch for Senate helmets. A good many people have volunteered and we're on track to make it to 100. Right now we have 51% of the helmets, the newer ones being the Class II Senators (whose term is up, many seeking re-election) ...the posts have links to a few voting positions on Iraq and Veteran policies. I prefer the special uniqueness of the handknit but what can I say it's faster (2 hours vs. 3 days) and Election Day is closing in on us! IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PARTICIPATE!! I would love your help. Final deadline is August 16, 2008 (In the mail not postmarked.)

Here's 15 seconds of video of how slow my machine knitting is... consider one stroke as one row of knitting. My friend Liz got ear trouble from too much machine knitting - so I crocheted some earplugs with pink cotton yarn. Basically its a chain of 15 with long ends you can just tug out. Will supply machine knit pattern on demand.


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