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March 16, 2008

Student/Farmworker Alliance Day of Action

This post is via the Fair Food NYC mailing list.
Image from Student/Farmworker Alliance

Seven years have passed since the launch of the Taco Bell boycott; a year has passed since Burger King publicly rejected the CIW's demands and launched a campaign to take away the gains made through the Yum Brands and McDonald's agreements; and just one month has passed since a federal indictment was handed down for the 7th case of modern-day slavery in the fields over the past decade. And still, Burger King refuses to take responsibility for the degradation and sweatshop conditions endemic to the industry that supplies its tomatoes.

It is time to say enough.
Standing together as workers and consumers, with the national petition drive as our tool, we can make the latest slavery case the last.

March 28 - April 5, 2008

SFA national day of action on March 31 highlights week of student & youth actions:

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