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July 16, 2007

YOU BELONG HERE: Chants of Neighborhood and Home


YOU BELONG HERE is a public art project highlighting the voices of Durham, as individuals speak of their aspirations, appreciations and concerns for home, neighborhood and community through the chanted form of the mantra.

During the month of October the MANTRA TRAILER will make ten appearances spread across Durham’s diverse neighborhoods, including Downtown districts, North Carolina Central University & Hayti, Duke University and 9th Street, and the Latino communities around Roxboro Rd. An interactive map of Durham will document YOU BELONG HERE on the internet. Every location the MANTRA TRAILER visits will be marked with a pop up menu of mantras collected at that location. Visitors to the site will be able to open multiple mantras from each of the Durham locations and listen to a chorus of diverse, overlapping voices chanting their mantras of home. More

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