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December 12, 2006

Drop off a Letter to Wal-Mart This Week

The International Labor Rights Fund, United Students Against Sweatshops and Clean Clothes Campaign call on all those who support workers' rights to deliver a letter to the nearest Wal-Mart store indicating concern for the workers at Chong Won and Wal-Mart's lack of swift action. Wednesday Dec 13 - Sunday Dec 17 consumers around the world will deliver letters to Wal-Mart stores demanding that Wal-Mart take responsibility and ACTION to protect the rights of the Chong Won workers.

A sample letter, sample script and other resources are available once
you commit to delivering a letter.

Sign Up to Deliver a Letter to Wal-Mart in your Town at
this link

Here's a little more background:

# For several years the workers have endured unacceptable working
conditions such as not being allowed to drink water during work, working
24 hour shifts, very low pay, and freedom of association violations.

# Chong Won factory workers went on strike on September 25th and some
have been physically assaulted by factory security guards as well as
security guards from the export processing zone (which is an area where
many of the factories producing products for export are located). At
least 37 workers have suffered head and body injuries.

# This strike was the result of workers being fed up by complete lack of
response from factory management to begin negotiations for a union
contract. The workers formed the United Workers of Chong.

# A food blockade and check points have been set up by the export
processing zone and factory management to prevent striking workers from
receiving basic necessities.

# As many as 116 illegal dismissal letters were presented to workers
that participated in the strike.

# The striking workers have gone without pay for over 2 months and want
to go back to work but only if Wal-Mart and factory management will
follow the law.

# Wal-Mart has been engaged in this issue for over 2 months but has
refused to follow up its words with action and this has lead to a
delayed resolution to the strike.

For more information:

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