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November 01, 2006


EXUVIA is a mixed media installation by Alessandro Capozzo and Katja Noppes. It consists in a semitransparent synthetic material mould of a desktop computer (connected to its peripherals) and an LCD display with an epoxidic resin layer mounted on. A dragonfly wings representation has been imprinted into the resin by several analogue processes. A semi generative software is visualized on the prepared LCD display: a set of attractors "drive" a cellular automata flow through wings lines of force. Interaction between an analogue medium and a digital one let some properties of these two elements making a synthesis, anyway it goes over mere software objectification and materials dynamization: the installation focus is suggesting a narrative flow starting from a metamorphosis - not represented but referred by empty chrysalis (exuvia) as the printed memory of an absent object - till the spreading wings climax: vital, delicate and ephemeral as software could be.

Posted by cat at 12:23 PM