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April 11, 2006

Fortune 500 List - Apparel


Just got the Fortune 500 List today in the mail and it's posted on-line! Last year you had to PAY for it! Check out the top apparel companies -- looks like Nike is on top once again! These are 12 from the top 1,000 list, companies capitalizing the most on cheap labor. Fortune Magazine (not sure it's on-line) also has a really negative review of the former CEO of Disney Paul Pressler, now the CEO of Gap (this magazine is so INFORMATIVE) . The main argument is spelled out in the article's title "Fashion Victim". The problems with making decisions based on data driven market research, (send more XL to the stores that buy more XL) and less on style emulating high fashion, classic professional dresswear, etc. This article really helped me understand the machine, very sinister from a fair labor perspective.

Posted by cat at 10:12 PM