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February 02, 2012

Paper Tiger Exhibition Opening
Celebrating 30 Years of Collective Media Art, Activism and Analysis

Roarrrr... It's 30 years since the first "reading" of the New York Times by Herbert Schiller in October 28, 1981, the initial live transmission of Paper Tiger Television. Miraculously the ever-renewing collective is now celebrating their roaring history with an exhibition, a conference and series of events. Last spring, the many tapes, backdrops, photos, funding proposals, and meeting notes of the vast Tiger archive were donated to the Fales Library, a special collection within Bobst Library at NYU (always open to the public without an NYU pass!). To celebrate this acquisition, Fales is hosting an exhibition from February 3 (Save the date!) until May 4, 2012 in their third floor gallery. LINK

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