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May 28, 2011

Into the Vault

I'm doing some spring cleaning of my studio and old virtual data after a very busy spring teaching, traveling and taking care of my little baby. Here are some images of the Craft Forward conference in San Francisco at the California College of the Arts and the Influencers festival in Spain where I met my superhero Superbarrio! I also have very exciting news that the work of microRevolt will be featured in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art's Renwick Gallery as part of the Craft Futures exhibition in summer 2012.

Craft Forward presentation: KnitPro, Knit for Defense, Stitch for Senate and Knitoscope.

My favorite contemporary artists / theorists / designers / fellow speakers with me and baby Franz: Otto von Busch, Allyson Mitchell and Liz Collins

The Influencers festival in Barcelona included the amazing work of:
Janez Janša
Chris Atkins
Jeff Stark
Gordan Savicic of Web 2.0 Suicide Machine (AWESOME)
Wafaa Bilal
& Superbarrio

Superbarrio gave us masks for our cultural / political / social work

knitPro demo

This was featured in Spain's newspaper El Mundo last week. Thank you AVIV! Jennie, Meri, Anita and Sónia for their work. By the way if anyone has a copy of this in print I am trying to get a copy by postmail. Please email me.

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May 09, 2011

Electronic Art on the Waterways


Electronic Art on the Waterways was a program I organized for my students this spring. More to come this fall.

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