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August 04, 2010

RESOURCED Justseeds Print Portfolio 2010

Josh Macphee

RESOURCED portfolios are available on limited basis in the Justseeds online store for an introductory price of $250. You may purchase one in the Justseeds online store and support this groundbreaking project, support the Justseeds Artists Cooperative, and invest in ongoing handmade portfolios.

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Appeel is a virus spreading through interacting individuals, it demonstrates the basic principles of interactivity largely reliant on people’s behaviour. A surface is covered by a large number of coloured stickers, positioned in a grid. People can remove stickers, leaving white spots in the layout, as a result individually and collectively changing the walls appearance. These stickers then take on a life of their own, as they spread, extending beyond the installation itself, infiltrating private space and merging the boundaries of public and private space.

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Pressured, Nike to Help Workers in Honduras

The Central General de Trabajadores de Honduras (CGT) and Nike announced on the 26th of July a ground-breaking agreement that will provide a US$1.5 million fund for workers in Honduras that formerly produced Nike apparel. According to a press release from Nike and the CGT, workers will also receive a year's access to the health care system, training and priority hiring. Over 2,000 workers at the Hugger and Vision Tex factories were laid off last year, leaving them unemployed and owed over US$2 million in unpaid wages and severance pay. The agreement comes after intense pressure was put on Nike by a student-led campaign that had convinced some US universities to end lucrative licensing agreements with Nike.

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