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April 08, 2010

Coal Will Never Be Clean


New prints on Just Seeds "Coal Will Never Be Clean" by Shaun Slifer

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Massey Energy Mine Cited for 1,300+ Safety Violations in Years Leading up to Deadly Explosion

Four people remain missing in a West Virginia coal mine two days after a huge explosion killed at least twenty-five miners in the worst mining disaster in the United States in more than a quarter-century. According to federal records, MSHA cited the Upper Big Branch mine for more than 1,300 safety violations from 2005 through Monday. link via Democracy Now

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Thousands respond to Bangladesh Factory Fires - Send an email to H&M

After the recent tragic fire at the Garib & Garib Sweater Factory in Bangladesh, which claimed the lives of 21 trapped workers who could not escape because exits were locked or blocked with debris, no less than 1,500 ILRF and SFC supporters contacted the Swedish fashion giant H&M, the main buyer at the
factory, expressing concern and demanding change. Please add your name to the list of supporters by sending an email to H&M through our Take Action page here:

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