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January 26, 2010

Green is the New Red
in the New Issue of Journal of Aesthetics & Protest

NEW JOAP out... It looks like they dropped "Art" from their journal title... support the issue and purchase it in print for $7 it's also on-line. Read Green is the New Red: An Interview with Journalist Will Potter by Dara Greenwald

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January 21, 2010


I just got a hold of the Norwegian Art Magazine Billed Kunst.


Work by Artist Runa Carlsen is on the cover. Here's a link to other works by the artist. link

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January 19, 2010

Branded Signature

This is email correspondence with Norweigan artist Jens Werner Andersen


Read about your project in the Norwegian art magazine "Billedkunst". Nice Blanket, and a nice project. I used to sign all my paintings with the swosh until Nike sued me.

Good luck with your project. Hope you make it further than I did.

Best regards

Jens Werner Andersen


Hi Jens,
Thanks for emailing. I just got a copy yesterday in the mail and was excited. I don't have any idea what it says of course. Your project sounds interesting, what year did you get sued and how much did they sue you for? The Nike Blanket project started almost 7 years ago and Nike has never been in touch. I stopped expecting to hear anything years ago. Thanks for letting me know about the project, I'll post about it on the microRevolt blog.


I was sued in 2005, we settled, I had to pay their expenses (about 7000$) and had to write a statement saying I would never use their logo again. Adidas is now my prefered brand. I can sign anything with the logo (anything but art). It's my signature on my drivers license and my passport.
Merry Christmas

Jens I think also painted this house in the Burberry pattern. link


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What makes clothes Fair Trade?

TransFair, which certifies goods like coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas in the United States, is now developing a standard for Fair Trade apparel. But what standards should factories and buyers meet to earn the Fair Trade label? TransFair has released a draft of their standards online: link

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January 05, 2010

Happy New Year Booklist

I was reading this article in Salon about keeping a book log but also reading books that you're repelled to read. I love the idea of reading something written before 1900 especially if they're craft related. These are the books I have been finishing up at the end of last year, most of them are newish except Wertheim's -- even though they weren't exactly 'new literary territory' in my book list I highly recommend them...

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