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June 30, 2008

Shetland Sheep & SPAM


Hello from Scotland. This was taken in the last days on Shetland Island, sheep are everywhere! I'm now writing from Fair Isle Bird Observatory visiting for my research on the isle's infamous knitting technique. (More on this soon.) I'm also posting because I got an email from someone on my mailinglist who got SPAMed by a hack of my MAILINGLIST. If anyone else had this problem please mail me @ the query address. Another disturbing tech related issue was I got a google alert for my other site Stitch for Senate that mentioned Russell Feingold which led to a virus. Luckily it was stopped in time.

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June 19, 2008

Sweat Free Communities

Saturday, July 12, 11:00am-1:00pm
Broad Street Ministry, 315 S. Broad St., Philadelphia

11:00-12:30pm Worker Rights Board Hearing:
Sweatshops & State Purchasing Practices
Testimony by sweatshop workers and public employees who wear the uniforms they make.

12:30pm-1:00pm Sweatfree Rally
@ National Governors' Association Centennial Meeting
Gather at Broad Street Ministry
Urge all 50 governors to join the Sweatfree Consortium to stop tax dollar support for sweatshops.

Speakers at the events will include:
Carmencita "Chie" Abad, former sweatshop worker in U.S. territory of Saipan
Kalpona Akter, former child garment worker from Bangladesh
Dennis Brutus, human rights activist
Bishop Dwayne Royster, Pastor of the Living Water United Church of Christ, Philadelphia
...and many more!
The Philadelphia Workers' Rights Board is a project of the Philadelphia Area Jobs with Justice, a coalition of faith leaders, students, unions, and community members who fight for living wages, top-notch benefits, and respect on the job for people in Philadelphia.

SweatFree Communities is a national network that organizes to end sweatshop exploitation by inspiring responsible local purchasing and fostering solidarity between U.S. communities and workers worldwide.

This event is part of the National SweatFree Summit. Visit http://www.sweatfree.org/summit

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Red Cassette by Jenny Henry


via sublime stitching

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Obama Goes Soft on Free Trade

link to full article... which also links to his interview in Fortune Obama: NAFTA not so bad after all hmmm...

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June 10, 2008

Knitting Nation - Phase 4: Pride


This is next week June 21st noon-6pm, and I will be participating in the army. Here's the description from artist/designer Liz Collins:

On Saturday, June 21 in Providence, RI, artist, designer, and RISD professor Liz Collins will stage KNITTING NATION PHASE 4: PRIDE. The piece will be an homage to and reconstruction of the original rainbow pride flag. It will ascend the steps and hill at Waterplace Park over the course of 6 hours, engaging all who enter this picturesque public space in the center of Providence.

KNITTING NATION (KN) is an exploratory and multi-faceted art project, inaugurated in 2005 by Liz Collins, which combines performance, site specific installation, and collaboration with clothing and textile design and manufacturing, using manually-operated knitting machines. The project is a commentary on the interaction of humans and machines, global trade, fashion and iconography, and a celebration of machine knitting as a creative medium.

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June 03, 2008

Stitch for Senate Google Map

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Messed around with google map to document the Stitch for Senate helmets as they get made. I've only created a map for ones that have been mailed to me, not the ones still in progress.

= where participants were knitting helmets

= made at Stitch for Senate headquarters

We've just crossed the one-third of seats threshold and the goal is to get to 50% by the end of July. Participation in this pro-peace project is welcome. More information here!

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More Guerilla Crafting


More guerilla crafting at Knitted Landscape, Knitwit Netherlands and Radical Cross Stitch...

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