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April 21, 2008

Play Fair 2008

"Workers making the goods sold by brand leaders such as adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike, and Puma are still earning poverty wages despite the fact that company profits are soaring into the hundreds of millions, sometimes even billions of dollars," said Neil Kearney, general secretary of the ITGLWF (International Textile Garment and Leather Workers Federation), one of the organizations coordinating the Play Fair 2008 campaign in the lead up to the Beijing Games. "This report presents clear targets for industry to work towards to make progress - we're urging industry leaders to step up to the challenge."

"Clearing the Hurdles" identifies low wages, abuse of short term contracts and other forms of precarious employment; violations of freedom of association; and the right to collective bargaining; and factory closures due to industry resturcuring as the four key issues the sportswear industry must take action on.

[English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese]

*** DOWNLOAD the full report Clearing the Hurdles: Steps to Improving Working Conditions in the Global Sportswear Industry

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