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April 09, 2008

Adidas: Re-Employ Mistreated Workers


In its glossy and well-designed publications, Adidas expresses its commitment to improving its social and environmental performance, acknowledging its responsibility to "take action and encourage others in our supply chain to take action if we are to make a difference and become a sustainable business." Now is the time for Adidas to take action in Indonesia, where systemic violations of international labour standards - like those at Adidas suppliers PT Spotec and PT Dong Joe - profoundly affect the lives and well-being of workers.

Take action now

Time and again, urgent cases of labour violations in Indonesia reveal the abuse of short-term labour contracts; irresponsible and illegal treatment of workers during factory closures; and the pervasive
infringement on workers’ freedom of association, their right to organize and bargain collectively. The Clean Clothes Campaign and Oxfam Australia call on Adidas to implement sector-wide solutions to ensure that workers in Indonesia are guaranteed their rights and are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. (See "Sector-Wide Solutions for the Sports Shoe and Apparel Industry in Indonesia": pdf

As a first step toward improving its performance in Indonesia, Adidas must make amends for the serious mistreatment of workers at its former suppliers, PT Dong Joe and PT Spotec. In November 2006, 10,500 workers at PT Dong Joe and PT Spotec suddenly found themselves out of a job when
the factories abruptly closed. To make matters worse, workers did not receive their severance and other entitlements for many months, leaving them with nothing. Full entitlements have still not been paid to all workers.

Now, with Adidas guaranteeing a placement of orders, the PT Spotec factory will re-open under new ownership as Ching Luh. Adidas must uphold its commitment to a fair and transparent process that gives priority hiring to the workers whose wages were stolen and whose rights were so egregiously denied.

Send a letter to Adidas demanding fair treatment for former PT Dong Joe and PT Spotec workers and implementation of "Sector-Wide Solutions in Indonesia," detailed by the CCC and Oxfam-Australia. Use this sample letter

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