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August 27, 2007

Sharon Levy - Santa Monica Museum of Art

From September 8 through December 8, 2007, the Santa Monica Museum of Art will present Sharon Levy: The Wood, the first solo Los Angeles exhibition by the artist. For Project Room 1, Levy will create a site-specific installation of large-scale sculptures depicting trees in various stages of life and death. All are silhouettes with a range of articulated branches, jigsaw-cut from pine plywood - a manufactured material returning to its original form. In addition to the trees, Levy will also install a piece entitled Cookie, which appears to be a slice from a giant tree, approximately nine feet in diameter. The Wood is a fairytale forest that triggers mixed emotions of wonder, fear, and isolation.

Sharon Levy is my old friend since we were studio mates at Goldsmiths in London 1998. Check the size of the door for scale, and visit Sharon's website for more of her lovely work. Link to Santa Monica Museum description of show.

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August 26, 2007

17-year-old hacks iPhone for other carriers

The story was covered in the NY Times on Saturday.

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August 22, 2007

Upgrade! New York: eteam's Dislocated Memories

Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 7pm, Free at Eyebeam, 540 w 21st street, NYC

Please join us and the eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) for Upgrade! New York's August event. eteam will discuss the construction of alternate realities via audience participation (intentional or unintentional) within their various projects. In addition, a special guest and a performance/game will set the scene for vibrant dialogue.

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August 20, 2007

Dropping Knowledge: The Table of Free Voices

On September 9, 2006, over 100 social visionaries from over 50 countries worldwide came together around a table in Berlin's historic Bebelplatz square. Over the course of nine hours, they responded on-camera to 100 questions donated to dropping knowledge by the global public.

The speakers at the Table came from the global North and the global South, from 56 countries across the so-called First, Second and Third Worlds. Protagonists in the fields of human rights and planet rights, corporate consciousness and ecological sustainability, cutting-edge science and age-old wisdom-traditions, the arts and the avant-garde, they joined together in a single circle on September 9 at a round-table gathering for the global information age.

See link to:
Search the archive of over 11,000 video-answers.
Watch an abridged version of the Table of Free Voices livestream.
Browse the database of Table participants.

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August 17, 2007

Julia Reodica and vivoLabs

Co-founder and instructor of the Center for BioMedia (Troy, New York), artist Julia Reodica led classes in scientific exploration this summer. She is currently developing her hymNext Designer Hymen Project awarded Re:New Media Rockefeller grant last year -- "an installation that comments on modern sexuality, confronts the traditional roles of the female body and presents a collection of synthesized hymens," one of the most provocative explorations in recent bioart. Lots of nutritious reading on her site too. Links: vivoLabs and juliareodica.net

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August 16, 2007

Low Impact Woodland Home in Wales


Link to Woodland Home
via Riva on SuperNaturale

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Ever dreamed of owning your own yarn store?

Mary Oates looking for new owner for yarn store...

Continue reading "Ever dreamed of owning your own yarn store?"

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August 05, 2007

Now That's a Patriot Act

In the House, a "Patriot Corporation" would get tax breaks and preferences in federal contracting for employers who produce at least 90 percent of their goods and services in the US and with American workers. The companies must invest in research and development domestically, provide adequate health care and pensions and--surprise--comply with federal laws like workplace safety, environmental protection and consumer regulations.

The Senate's "Patriot Employers" version would give a 1 percent tax credit on taxable income for companies that maintain or increase their US employment in relation to their overseas workers. They must also keep their corporate headquarters in the US. The Senate bill adds a "living wage" requirement. Its initial co-sponsors are Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Dick Durbin and Barack Obama of Illinois. Obama's sponsorship, I would guess, may attract other celebrated names.

Read entire article by Willian Greider in the Nation

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August 03, 2007

Angora Rabbit


For the month of July I was bunny sitting for the sweetest cutie rabbit named Colette. Now I want one so much and so my friend Arthur found this photo on flickr of an Angora Rabbit (they don't shed you can spin this into yarn!) sigh..

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August 02, 2007


Pop an Acme Klein Bottle on your head! It's ideal for skiing, sleigh-rides, snowball fights, midwinter colloquia, Antarctic beach parties, and alpine chess tournaments. A perfect gift for anyone with a zero-volume head. An important accessory to the one-sided mind. An essential headwarmer for your non-orientable friends who are temporarily immersed in our 3-dimensions. (Thanks Jim Lewis)

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Petition Against Proposed NYC Film Permit Regulations

You have until August 3, 2007 to sign a petition against the NYC film permit regulations that were recently proposed by the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting. The link is as follows: www.pictureny.org. Introduced quietly just before Memorial Day weekend, the regulations could severely impede the ability of even casual photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City. A group of two or more people who want to use a camera in a single public location for more than a half hour (including setup and breakdown time) could be required to get a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance. According to the NY Civil Liberties Union,"these regulations violate the First Amendment right to photograph in public places, and open the door to selective and discriminatory enforcement.

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