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June 08, 2007

Feel Tank Chicago - Festival of Political Emotion


WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE? No, really, where is your outrage right now? Can you locate it on a map - in your body - in the world outside? Feelings might happen in our bodies, but they aren't only private or individual events. They take shape in physical locations: they're connected to memories of events, movement from place to place, and views of changing landscapes, urban or otherwise. They take place in social spaces: they happen in groups and in interactions and relationships among people and between people and things. Feelings are produced and productive. They move around, circulate, get communicated. They can be contagious; they can be vehicles for a connection; they can be obstacles to a connection. How do you carry your political feelings, and how do you want others to carry theirs? In Pathogeographies, Feel Tank Chicago and its collaborators map the affective expressions of various publics to reveal hidden histories and create new ones.

Feel Tank Chicago says: Depressed? Anxious? Enraged? IT MIGHT BE POLITICAL!

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