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September 22, 2006

Big enough for a Queen


just received a question about the color-bar blanket pattern i made for the happy hooker book. Renee wanted to know how to make it bigger, to fit on a queen size bed. the pattern from the above link is on a full size bed, so you can see it's more of a lap blanket... but if you want to increase the size, i can think of 2 solutions. 1) make your granny squares bigger (go arround the square with double crochet one more time) or 2) make more squares (pictured above) -- i just increased the number of pixels proportionally and then ran it through knitPro. this requires a lot more stitching but hopefully worth it! Remember GAUGE can be helpful when sizing too. if your granny squares are 4 x 4 inches, then you can measure how long it will be (4 " x 21 squares = 84 " across or 7 feet wide, big enough for a queen!) Renee, send us a picture once you stitch it up! download queen pattern here.

Posted by cat at 12:30 PM