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April 11, 2006

Governors' Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Worker Rights

If all states joined together to use state government procurement as a catalyst to promote worker justice we could create a market for goods and services made in humane conditions that might rival even Wal-Mart in sheer economic clout. This is the vision behind the Governors' Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Worker Rights proposed by Maine's Governor John Baldacci. The first step is a simple conference call among governors. The more governors that join Maine's Governor John Baldacci on the very first conference call to discuss the creation of a state coalition for sweatfree procurement the more likely that this bold anti-sweatshop campaign will succeed.

A few states (including Maine) already have adopted sweatshop-free procurement legislation. But alone, each state has limited resources to monitor factories, investigate sweatshop violations, and create positive markets for better working conditions. Currently no state can tell for sure whether or not vendors are in fact selling them sweatfree goods.

When states come together that can change: states can pool resources for enforcement of sweatfree procurement laws and consolidate purchasing power to reward sweatfree factories in the United States and around the world.

Your governor has already received an invitation from Governor Baldacci to join the state coalition for sweatfree procurement. All your governor needs to do now is tell Governor Baldacci, “Yes, I’m interested in learning about the coalition. I will be on the call for the sake of sweatshop workers. Just tell me when.”

All you need to do is tell your governor to get on the phone with Governor Baldacci, and then to sign the Resolution creating a Governors' Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Worker Rights.

Take action now!

Go to for a sample letter to your governor, easy contact information, and more information about Governor Baldacci's proposal.

It will take you five minutes to send the letter to your governor. Please do it now for the sake of sweatshop workers in the United States and around the world.

And please forward this action alert widely!

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