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February 25, 2006

Peace Cable

Just got back from CAA in Boston -- unfortunately I missed the Thread Counts Project show but plan to be back there mid-March for a review. someone just emailed me about a knitPro peace pattern and I found this amazing google image (just from googling "peace") ... pretty awesome, here's a link to the blog post ...having some problems with the reblog software but should be fixed shortly. meanwhile i made this knitPro file for a lady who says: In desperate need of an intarsia peace symbol to knit up into my sons (10) requested birthday hoodie.... can you assist?

anyone else wants to knit a peace symbol here it is -- sandy send an image of the results if possible!

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February 24, 2006


Well, here's a version 0.1 of the (front panel of the) design!

DesignAKnit is the "industry standard" of knitting design software and knitting machine control.  There are no other kinds -- nothing else that can support the same range of design activities.    Nothing else that can control electronic knitting machines.  And I'd like to say, nothing else that is written to be compatible with something as creaky as Windows 3.1:...

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Is this the video iPod (or Mac tablet)?

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We have zero idea what this thing is, if it's real, or if it's the same kind of factory leak we saw the day of Steve's "One more thing..." keynote where he introduced the 5G iPod, but this does look a bit promising as the video iPod that people have been speculating about for a while now. (And yeah, we're assuming that would be a touchscreen on there.)

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February 23, 2006

How Corporate Right Lies About Union Corruption

Well, the corporate right has launched a new anti-labor front group called UnionFacts.org, dealing in dark tales of union corruption promoted by the former head of the Beverage institute, the nice folks who tell the public soda pop has no role in childhood obesity. But it's a good chance to walk folks through how corporations lies about things like union corruption. Not that among the 15 million union members and tens of thousands of union staff, there aren't a few bad folks, but what's amazing is how much the opposition has to lie and pump up the numbers to make...

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Crochet Wall - Lisa Solomon on flickr

link for more photos

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February 20, 2006

US Map of Yarn and Knit Stores

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February 19, 2006

Apple patents touchscreen control interface

We sure wish Apple would be a little more up front with their patents- if they just posted the darn things on their site (with explanations of how they'll be incorporated into future products, preferably) it would save us all a lot of time trawling around the USPTO site. Until that glorious day, however, we'll have to continue using our collective detective skills to feed our Apple obsession, as one of our readers did in finding a newly-released patent filing for a touchscreen control-interface. The pictures that Apple submitted look like your basic on-screen keyboard and the application is in the typical indecipherable legalese, so we're not sure what's so innovative here, but perhaps this is tech that will be incorporated into the iTablet and video iPod- should these mythical creatures actually exist.

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February 18, 2006

Not Socks


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February 17, 2006

Fantastic Interview with Andrew Napolitano

Over the past few days, I have posted a lot on first and fourth amendment issues, from wiretaps and detentions to free speech to prosecutorial abuses.  It turns out I could have saved my self a lot of time and just linked this great interview with former Judge Andrew Napolitano.

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New media art at ARCO, Madrid

3340.jpg ORBITER_w.jpg

Jenny Marketou's Flying Spy Potatoes : Mission 21 st Street, NYC discusses theories of surveillance and control. Surveillance cameras attached to inflated weather helium balloons (5 feet diameter) wander about the space and transmit on the internet the images they capure.

With zII/edition, Herwig Weiser recycled destroyed computers, low-tech ­electronic equipment, magnets, and chemical composites to make a musical instruments.

show_picture33.jpg 3395.jpg

net.art was represented by Arcángel Constantini's No/E.html presents 100 graphic interpretations of the sign "No Estacionars" and Cory Arcangel was showing his versions of video games iconography (tetris, Super Mario Bros.)

3457.jpg 3463.jpg

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February 15, 2006

Surfing the web with your Revolution?

Today, Nintendo announced the inclusion of a web browser for its portable powerhouse, the DS. Naturally, if the DS is getting web surfing capability, wouldn't the Revolution also see some of that action? According to Nintendo Gal, who thought to phone NOA to get the official word. According to the voice on the other line, "Revolution owners will have the option to purchase that functionality."

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Stencil International


We saw the photo above on a new website called Stencil International, a new site that reminds us a bit of Stencil Revolution (which seems to be down for quite some time)

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Crochet Statistics and Trends: Discuss

According to my experience of the last few months, there are, loosely speaking, two schools of thought in the crochet industry. One thinks the industry is struggling in its uphill battle against the constant threat of dismal sales and overall disinterest; the other thinks the industry is gaining strength and is even on the verge of a boom. I'm in the latter group. My personal experience has been that interest in crochet is exploding. I get this from everyday interactions, from browsing book stores and magazine racks, from reading blogs, and from work I've been offered and have sought out. But I am one person and I cannot a trend prove.

So. Let's wheel in the stats.

The 2005 Craftrends Consumer Participation Survey (for which 1,000 random crafters exiting independent and chain stores were polled) found that 15% of crafters purchased crochet kits/supplies in the last year, up from 14% in 2004 and 13% in 2003. The report summary said that, "The continued public interest in all things related to yarns has boosted knitting and crochet participation again this year." Most interesting is that 19% of crafters aged 18-25 bought crochet-related projects, up from 12% in 2004.

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Dangerous CAFTA Liaisons: New GTW Report

The handful of representatives whose votes led to the narrow passage of the controversial Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) last year have since received a total of $2.8 million in corporate campaign cash, according to a new report, Dangerous CAFTA Liaisons, released yesterday by Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division.

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February 14, 2006


Okay this top is sold out but don't despair... Stephanie Syjuco's stitching original garments of recycled material inspiring all kinds of anti-factory style. Check out her site here for more amazing stuff

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February 13, 2006

Nam June Paik funeral

The packed memorial service held at the Frank Campbell Funeral Chapel on E 81 Street in NYC on February 3 ended with large numbers of scissors being passed out, & with Nam June lying in state many men then had their ties snipped & the resulting ends laid on Nam Junes chest. Besides a similarity to other religious rituals, this was apparently a re-enactment of a long ago event when Nam June once jumped off a stage & clipped the tie of John Cage in the audience, the daring of which so impressed George Macunis that he inducted Nam into the Fluxist group.

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Crazy Zelda cosplay

This collection of cosplay photos (roughly Zelda-themed, but with a liberal sprinkling of Mario) over at GAF runs the gamut from cute through to frightening. The capability of game fans to come up with inventive ways of making their favourite costumes is sometimes simply unbelievable.

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Geodesic dome shelter from cardboard

Here are some really thorough instructions for building geodesic domes. This particular set of plans was developed by some Burning Man attendees who wanted a comfortable structure that would stand up to the elements. The dome is made of 30 triangles cut from double layered cardboard, 5 wood triangles with vents, 5 wooden doorway triangles, and 5 cardboard doors. The majority of the triangles are bolted together to form pentagons that are then bolted to each other. With all of the triangles painted and seams sealed with duct tape the structure is water proof. All of the dimensions and assembly instructions are provided to create a dome 12'7" in diameter and 6'3" in the center.

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DO NOT CALL cell phone solicitation

// occasionaly i get mass fwds that are quite useful, thanks for the reminder!!
The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this Website. You can register your home or mobile phone for free. Your registration will be effective for five years.

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Open Source Microcredit, Revisited

Steve Jobs once said, "real artists ship." He meant that no matter how elegant or useful the computer code, the only way it has value is if it gets into the hands of users. We could say something similar about open source software for NGOs: real activists ship. No matter how important or beneficial the software, the only way it has value for the people who need it is if those people can use it. In fact, nothing is more depressing for a digitally-empowered activist than to stumble across a brilliant piece of software, only to find that the web page hasn't been updated in a year and the code itself remains both unusable and unavailable. And nothing is more exciting than finding that another solution is available.

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February 12, 2006

Artist Sabrina Gschwandtner

Sabrina Gschwandtner is an artist who founded Knit Knit in 2002. I'm hoping to interview her about her art practice (fiber sculpture and film), her zine and curatorial vision that has made her THE go-to person for all things contemporary in fiber art. she did a lot of research for this article although it misses a mention of knit knit. i'm looking for a german translation because in addition to Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts microRevolt appears... i'd ask her to translate but she's been doing way to much free-lancing for free these days. word. sabrina rocks!!!!

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Here Come "The Isolationists"

Strap yourself in because we may be in for a new wave of rhetoric that tries to tar some of us as... egads... "isolationists." That's a term that is used by people who favor so-called "free trade" as a way of discrediting the opposition.

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Olympic Crocheters and Knitters

Someone's started up a Fiber Olympics group on Flickr! This'll be a great avenue for Olympians to show off their progress, and Olympians and bystanders alike can subscribe to the RSS feed of the group to see what other Olympians are up to.

If you don't know already, Flickr is a free, social photo-hosting/sharing site. I lurve Flickr.

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February 10, 2006

A Talk About Knot Theory

Where the Wild Things Are 2: A Talk About Knot Theory, By Ken Millett

In collaboration with Cabinet magazine, the IFF presents a lecture at The Drawing Center in NY. Thursday March 2 at 7:00pm. For reservations please go to Cabinet's website An interview with Dr Millett is also featured in the current issue of Cabinet (#20).

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Digital Witness

Founded in 1992 by musician Peter Gabriel, Witness supplies video cameras and communication gear to allow people around the world to document abuses of human rights, partnering with human rights groups in over 50 countries. Witness attempts to create pressure for change by shining a light on injustice around the world. The people who take up cameras in the name of human dignity are remarkably brave, facing in many cases torture and death for the "crime" of revealing the truth. But the Witness cameras stand alone; their only connection to the rest of the world is via the hand delivery of video tape.

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February 09, 2006

Crocheting Snow

Artist Abigail Doan crochet's snow in her Fiber and Vegetation series.

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Computer Analysis Suggests Paintings Are Not Pollocks

An analysis of six paintings claimed to be original works by Jackson Pollock casts serious doubt on their authenticity.

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The LEGO difference engine

Lego logic gates be damned, we're stepping up to the Babbage big time now, and the Lego difference engine's where we're at. Andrew Carol's design computes 2nd or 3rd order polynomials to 3 or 4 digits, no small feat for a system built of simple blocks that he's been working at on and off for years. Ah, what a time we live in -- next thing you know they'll be making up balderdash like Lego horseless carriages!

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February 08, 2006


Chicago artist "amanda b." sews together 4 years of collected fabric to descend from her 3rd floor apartment window in a piece she calls Rapunzel

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Knitta Please Graffiti

Knitta began in August 2005, when AKrylik and PolyCotN were discussing their frustration over unfinished knitting projects: half-knitted sweaters and balls of yarn gathering dust. That afternoon, they knitted their first doorknob cozy. Then it dawned on them… A tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings. With a mix of clandestine moves and gangsta rap — Knitta was born! Today, Knitta is a group of more than 10 ladies of all ages, races, nationalities, religions, sexual orientation… and gender.

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Gothamist: Graffiti Goes Electric at Eyebeam

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One Crafter's Opinion on the SFSE Trademark Situation

I’m sure most of you have heard about the situation with Sew Fast Sew Easy (SFSE) and the stitch and bitch trademark and some of the fallout of this. For those of you who haven’t, there is a timeline of the whole situation here: http://www.freetostitchfreetobitch.org/info.htm

// also check the LA Times article

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February 07, 2006

Pay By Touch aims to bring biometric payments to web

Pay By Touch -- the company behind the fingerprint scanners in supermarkets like Piggly Wiggly and Albertsons -- is planning to make biometric payments the norm on the web as well. The company's new service, Pay By Touch Online, aims to create a standard for biometric hardware and software (and bring the company a lot more customers for its backend processing services, as well). Pay By Touch says it expects to certify millions of scanners this year, and that its service "diminishes consumers' fears and increases customer satisfaction" by allowing customers to use a fingerprint instead of a credit card to pay for online purchases. As with other alternative payment systems that require additional hardware (you do have a smartcard reader for that chip in your Amex Blue card, right?), we don't exactly expect this to take the world by storm, though it could be useful for financial institutions -- and the ultra-paranoid.

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February 06, 2006


4 more days until the knitPro Needlecraft Art Show deadline!

We also launched knitPro 2.0 KNITPRO 2.0

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Ice cream man convicted for selling pirated games

A William Agnew from South Lanarkshire has been sentenced at Hamilton Sheriff Court after admitting to selling pirated games, CDs and DVDs from his ice cream van. Around 4,000 counterfeit goods were seized in a raid by police which would be worth an estimated £100,000 or $175,000 if sold new. Who needs peer-to-peer when you can get pirated games (and an ice cream) delivered to your doorstep?

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A swatch... and more

Forecast swatch
I've been swatching for Forecast. Dude. Crocheting bobbles is SO MUCH EASIER than knitting them. Knitting bobbles is a special kind of torture.

That said, I'm enjoying the swatching (the one at left is finished, now). I'm going to do a second swatch in the combination knitting style, both to play and to see if I might enjoy all the purling more that way. See if my gauge changes. Then I'll wash and block them both and see how I'm doing for sizing. (I wrote more on the Team Canada blog, if you're interested.)

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February 05, 2006


Saturday was the Compostmodern conference in San Francisco. As we mentioned before, Compostmodern is a green design conference for graphic designers and industrial designers, put on by the IDSA and AIGA. It was non-technical but interdisciplinary, with speakers ranging from magazines to clothing to futurism to architecture. I felt it was a successful day, inspiring and engaging people while remaining realistic.

// wasn't sure how to abbreviate this post, seems like an interesting conference tho -- visit above link for notes on selected speakers: Kalle Lassn (Adbusters), Roian Atwood (American Apparel), Grace Hawthorne and Shoshana Berger of (ReadyMade magazine), etc...

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New Global Labor Strategies Blog

Check out this new blog focused on how labor is dealing with globalization, with a few good posts dealing with the immigration reform debate to kick things off....

Via Labor Blog

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MAQUILAPOLIS is a documentary about (and by) workers in Tijuana's assembly factories, the maquiladoras.

// i met one of the co-directors of this film Vicky Fuari in Rotterdam but haven't seen it yet. Hopefully it will be screened at the Sweat Free Communities conference this April in Minneapolis. Look out for screenings, info, here

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Betty Friedan RIP

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Betty Friedan, whose manifesto "The Feminine Mystique" became a best seller in the 1960s and laid the groundwork for the modern feminist movement, died Saturday, her birthday. She was 85. read more

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Sorry for the 5 day delay... Just got back from Rotterdam to see Jim Finn's premiere of Interkosmos Some of these needlepoint pillows of South American Communists make an appearance. Jim hand stitched these... read more here

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