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January 31, 2006

Hello Yarns

Hello Yarns is a site that sells beautiful handspun yarn but it also has free patterns (including these pirate mittens and skull hat from the previous post!) It also shows amazing images of skillful knits with cabling, fair isle, etc.

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That's right, baby. Arrr....

// this is a popular hat on knit blogs i've noticed. look here and here

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January 30, 2006

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

This new ugly brew is called the Andean Free Trade Agreement because it will cover Peru, Columbia and Ecuador. In December, the Bush administration reached a deal with Peru to roll it into the so-called "free trade" fraternity--and, then, figured why not pull in the other two countries. And those negotiations to wrap up this awful agreement are rushing to a conclusion as we write here...

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Nam June Paik 1932-2006

Nam June Paik passed away at his Miami home at 8:00pm EST on Sunday, January 29th, 2006. Funeral information to be announced.

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January 29, 2006

DIY Knitting Machine!

Tom Johnson's Lego Knitting Machine

See also this description, as well as Tom Johnson's gallery and quicktime movie.

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In the Saddle

Once I saw this bedside saddle from Design Within Reach, I knew I had to have one. The nightstand I have on the one side of my bed is a series of three stacked metal boxes with the surface being large enough to only hold my alarm clock and a pile of books. However, there was no way I was going to spend $98, so I made my own. I bought some wool felt, measured out three pieces of fabric, stitched them together, added a cardboard insert, and had my own bedside saddle in about an hour. The best part? I made it for only $18! Click here to see more detailed directions and photos.

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January 26, 2006

Web Game Helps Predict Spread of Epidemics

An anonymous reader writes "Using data from the web game, which traces the travels of dollar bills, scientists have unveiled statistical laws of human travel and developed a mathematical description that can be used to model the spread of infectious disease."

Via Slashdot

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Apple Bomb Knit


// here's a knitted swatch of the apple bomb i've been meaning to do... i made this pattern in knitPro you can download the pdf here

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Hand Made Petitions from Cleveland


// just got a heap of hand made petitions from the Cleveland Stitch 'N Bitch... going to add these asap to the Nike Blanket Petition awesome!

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Government turns up volume on GPS

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The US government flicked the switch today on a new GPS signal, known as L2C. The signal, according to the government, is transmitted at a higher effective power, allowing it to "work better in urban areas and indoors." The new signal, being transmitted by the IIR satellite launched in September, can also be received using less power, potentially allowing better GPS reception by smaller devices such as cellphones. However, most current devices may not be able to make use of the new signals without upgrades.

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January 24, 2006

Obey Starbucks


From Zachary: "This Starbucks is in Boulder, Colorado is across the street from the University of Colorado. It was unmasked a week ago by Pope Bathos, and remains so. Apparently the staff of Starbucks is ignorant of the transformation. Or maybe they've decided they like the change."

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Union Steps Up Drive to Organize Starbucks

The conflict between the Starbucks coffee chain and workers wanting to form a citywide union played out on two fronts yesterday: organizers formed a picket line in front of a local Starbucks, and a hearing was announced for next year before the National Labor Relations Board.

Chanting, "No latte, no peace," as a union organizer dressed as a giant latte rocked back and forth, about 20 demonstrators picketed a Starbucks at Union Square.

// also check this article Starbucks Baristas Go Union!

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Ford Cuts: How The Media Misses The Story

    Each paper posed the cuts as a result of the need to be competitive in the global economy. Not a single one of the newspapers--and I'll venture a guess that the same will be true of the rest of the MSM--raised the idea that the cuts have become because of the failure of U.S. trade policy, specifically so-called "free trade" and the success of a policy that encourages deunionization and, by extension, the shredding of decent living standards here and abroad.

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January 20, 2006

Love Par

// I met this girl with the Love Par needlepoint purse the day of the Film to Fiber performance at Artists Space, she lifted it up to show how easy it would be to make

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Knitted Digestive System

Check out this knitted digestive system!

Via Action Hero : : Knitting Weblog

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January 18, 2006

my new favorite knitting book.

(kakegoddess’s dreamcatcher cardigan.)

// just got Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham from nina, the knit shop in chicago... i think it has some of the most original knit styles/patterns i've seen /cat

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Building a Better World

I've been reading Neil Gershenfeld's FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop--From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication. In addition to being a fascinating read, it's also a sobering reminder of just how much our world wastes human potential. FAB tells the story of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms's experiments with "fabricators" that someone with very little technical knowledge can use to build just about anything. Early in the project, they decided to see if they could create fabs that could be used in the real world by ordinary people. As a result, they've helped to create fab labs from...

// i heard neil talk via webcam at ars electronica last september, he was an amazing speaker and i want this book! /cat

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Remote control crocheted robot!

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iPod breakout dock

breakout dock

Since the time it was first featured on MAKE, Steve Chapman has continued to develop his iPod breakout dock. The dock provides all of the possible connections that could be made through the 30-pin connector. Of interest is the iPod’s serial interface.

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Engadget Podcast 022 - 12.29.2004

Engadget Podcast.22 12.29.2004

Jaan Pehechaan Ho! This week’s show is chock full of goodness. We talk about Orb Networks, Extending the Media Center PC with an Xbox, the Super-duper green laser, cool (and free) audio from around the web, Apple suing folks, Monster cable meanies, some iPod hacks, news from Suprnova and how we’re all made of Quarks!

Host: Phillip Torrone.
Format: 30 minutes, 7 MB,  MP3

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little tools, big message.

Craftivism. What a crazy, combined, silly little word. However, it exists everywhere. The second you decide to make something instead of buying, the moment that you create your own patterns, the thought you had on the street one day about using your crafty skills to make the world a better place. In case you didn't already know, craftivism is something that can be done on the comfort of your own couch or in public as a way to show your resistance. If you are going to be in London June 6th, please consider joining my lovely friend Sonja as well...

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Welcome to Reblog!

hi all] welcome to ReBlog, your source for knitting, activism, and new media teachnology! send us your feeds at inquiry AT microrevolt dot org. /cat

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