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November 29, 2008

Stitch for Soldier Scarf Drive

You can sign up HERE to let us know it's coming. Thanks to all the people who have sent inquiries!

Stitch for Soldier
PO Box 1659
Troy, NY 12181

Also: IVAW was covered last Friday on Democracy Now, in their story Winter Soldier on the Hill: War Vets Testify Before Congress.

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Voters' word may not be last in Minn. Senate race

"This is the closest race in Minnesota history, the closest Senate race and the closest race anywhere in the country. This is just part of the process to make sure every vote is counted," Franken said, adding, "Candidates don't get to decide when an election's over - voters do." link to whole story in AP

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November 18, 2008

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Loses Re-election Bid

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in Senate history, narrowly lost his re-election bid Tuesday, marking the downfall of a Washington political power and Alaska icon who couldn't survive a conviction on federal corruption charges. His defeat by Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich moves Senate Democrats within two seats of a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority.

Read more from the Associated Press

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November 12, 2008

Senate Race 2008


We're still waiting for the total results, but here's the source of this spread.

There were no Republican pick-ups. Democratic pick-ups in the following races:

1) Colorado: On Election Day, (Mark) Udall defeated Schaffer 52%-43%
2) New Hampshire: Shaheen defeated Sununu, 52%-45%
3) New Mexico: (Tom) Udall defeated Pearce 61%-39%
4) North Carolina: Hagan defeated Dole, 53%-44%
5) Oregon: Merkley defeated Smith in very close race, Smith formally conceded.
6) Virginia: (Mark) Warner defeated Gilmore 64%-34%

Alaska, Minnesota too close to call, Georgia too... and there is a run-off race on Dec 2, 08.

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November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day
Stitch for Soldier


Contact us about the Stitch for Soldier scarf drive for IVAW.

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