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October 17, 2008

Stitch for Senate Helmet:
Knitted for Senator Alexander


To the Honorable Senator Alexander:

Please find herein a helmet liner made to make a political point. There are common people working at a local level to make things better for us all and here in lies our point. We plead to you to be courageous now in a time that we need true leadership. We ask you to speak up now for the sanity of peace in this time of crisis. I believe as a people and society we must change from a policy of fear and greed into one of cooperation and good will. You have a unique position to make these pleas in your distinguished position. Making war has gained us nothing. Our security is the worse for it. With these terrible policies we have turned even our friends and ancestors aside. Please, take the brave course to repudiate this disastrous policy now. I have seen you speak and I believe you to be an honorable person. Time is of the essence in such matters and now is the time to act. We must bring our troops home now and conserve what resources we still have at our disposal. Security for us means reestablishing our local ties and making sure that our critical infrastructure is maintained. To do so we must stop the folly of war. It is critical for our local and national well being to listen to the councils for peace.

Knitted by Lorraine Merwin from Johnson City, Tennessee

Posted by cat at October 17, 2008 07:51 PM