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May 08, 2008

Stitch for Senate Helmet #21:
Knitted for Senator Arlen Specter

We need change. Change that will bring our family and friends home. Yes, they knew their obligation to our country when they signed their contracts. But what purpose are they serving in Iraq any more? They are missing baby's first steps, marriages of friends & family, opportunities to support their loved ones. What greater good are they accomplishing which makes up for missing so many of life's important moments? I have several friends currently serving in Iraq, some even serving on their second tour with barely a visit back home in between. All signed up for the military in order to further their educations because otherwise they would not have been able to afford it. Two of those have been forced to drop out of college in order to serve their tours in Iraq, one during the spring of his sophomore year and the other during her fall semester of her freshman year. What are they doing that is so much more important than learning to become better civilians that can do some good here? He wanted to be a physician's assistant, she wanted to be a lawyer. Instead, their educations have been put on hold so they can serve in Iraq. Please Mr. Specter, you voted for the start of this Iraqi conflict, please bring an end to it. Allow our men and women to come home and serve a greater good by being all they can be right here on American soil. Let them finish their educations, let them get jobs that will make use of their learned skills, let them serve Americans who need the help right here and now.

- Alyssa Wilson, knitting in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted by cat at May 8, 2008 07:00 PM