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May 08, 2008

Stitch for Senate Helmet #6:
Knitted for Senator Ken Salazar

Colorado Springs liberals count themselves lucky whenever a Democat is elected. We are very fortunate to have Ken Salazar to counterbalance Mr. Allard. Salazar is critical of the war and Bush, does not support cutting off money, but will introduce a bill to implement the Study Group recommendations to set a date. The CO legislature has passed an anti-war resolution, too! My son served with valor for over a year in Iraq. My prayers are that neither my son nor any other son goes to Iraq. I'm a military mom against the war. Thank you, Ken Salazar.

- Linda Harroun, knitting in Colorado Springs, CO

Our Colorado Senator, Ken Salazar, has gone on the record as being in favor of sending more troops to Iraq, but only as part of a stabilization effort and not on a long-term basis. He has also said that "(j)ust putting more troops into Iraq hoping to stop the (civil) violence is not a plan." (and) "Our troops deserve a strategy that is worthy of their sacrifice." I fervently hope that our troops can have just that, and I hope that Senator Salazar is instrumental in assuring that they will have that strategy. A real plan, not a make-believe plan.

- Karen L. Mohler, knitting in Littleton, CO

Posted by cat at May 8, 2008 06:58 PM