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November 17, 2013

2013 update //

Dear friends of microRevolt,

This December microRevolt turns 10! I'm putting together an anniversary zine so if anyone made projects with our knitPro freeware, knitted a balaclava for Stitch for Senate during the '08 election, participated in the Nike Blanket or 146+ project, you can send related images to inquiry *-a-t*-microrevolt //dot// org (include credit line.) Right now our highest user traffic is from Norway. What's everyone making?

An update on the last year: my son turned 3, I'm newly tenured at my university, faced some health issues that are on the upswing, played lots of field hockey and moved from Boston > Brooklyn. My workspace is at Interference Archive in Gowanus with a bunch of others. I'm storing the Nike Blanket there until it heads to London and working on some new studio projects. I'm there at sporadic times but you can always drop in the archive during open hours, look up Girl Germs and make your day. My hours there should increase after mid-December with my winter break.

Below are images of a small exhibition I organized of zines, political pamphlets and artist's books that are part of the Interference Archive collection. They were on display October 3 - November 2, 2013 in our Special Collections floor at Healy Library at UMass but should be back in the stacks this coming week.





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